It is now 8 years since we started our bed and breakfast, and we have given hospitality to nearly 2000 different guests! A vast majority of people come to us by previous guests' recommendation; we also include a good number of regular guests, now friends who return every year; We still experience our business as a game, a continuous and somewhat emotional surprise when meeting new people, and very, very rewarding when we welcome back 'old friends'
Fiorella says: Our house has always been lived in, frequented and loved by many people. My family has been living here since 1895. My dad and his brothers were born here, as were my brother and I. Moreover, for all our family and friends 'la casa di Spezia' (La Spezia's house) has always been a point of reference for affection, thanks to the warmth my parents conveyed to all: relatives and friends, guests and the many invited here to spend the traditional festivities.
We inherited all this, my husband Giovanni and I, not only the walls of this sunny home with its antique furniture, but especially its soul and all its history, which transpire in this family home's sincere atmosphere, since always loved and taken care of.
Fortunately also Giovanni, educated and brought up in a great Florentine family, but born in Modena (where my mum's family was from), has taken a strong sense of hospitality from this land. As we are both teachers, used to relate with people from all walks of life on a daily bases, ''story telling'' and letting our knowledge and emotions ''show'', helped us opening our home to ''new'' guests-friends.
Love for nature and the environment is a strong link with our guests who come to discover and know this area, our breakfasts and our dinner invitations (for those who stay longer) allowed us to make heartfelt bonds of friendship with people from all over the world and many invites to go abroad to talk about our land and introduce the Ligurian cuisine.
We donate 1% of our income to the 'Associazione Umanista' (Humanist Association) which is running a day care centre for sick children called ''La casa degli Angeli'' (The Angels' home) in Romania.